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Welsh Labour 2020 Policy Stage 2 - Transport

Welsh Labour Policy Consultation: Transport and Economy / ASLEF Response - June 2020

Hydrogen in Wales - ASLEF Response

ASLEF is pleased to have the opportunity to respond to this important consultation on the future of hydrogen power in Wales. ASLEF is encouraged that

Social Partnership and Public Procurement (Wales) Bill Consultation

ASLEF's response to the Social Partnership and Public Procurement (Wales) Bill Consultation

ASLEF Response - Clean Air (Wales) Bill White Paper

We largely welcome the plan to consolidate and update legislation to enable Wales to set targets and address pollution levels with the aim to

Manchester Recovery Task Force - ASLEF Response

ASLEF's response to the Manchester Recovery Task Force consultation on congestion through the Castlefield Corridor

Llwybr Newydd - Wales Transport Plan

ASLEF's response to the Welsh Government consultation on its new transport plan, Llwybr Newydd (New Path).

Document cover. A red background with the ASLEF logo and title 'Best practice guidelines for supporting victims of domestic abuse in the workplace'
Domestic abuse best practice guide
Scottish Government Revised Franchising Policy Statement - ASLEF Response

ASLEF has long called for the railway in Scotland - and across the UK - to be in fully public ownership. Bringing the wheels and steel back together

Remote Working: Implications for Wales

ASLEF's evidence submission to the Senedd Economy Infrastructure and Skills Committee inquiry on remote working in January 2021.

Report cover featuring a stylised image of a train driver in a cab and the title
Better Driving Cabs Report 2020
UK Parliament Transport Committee - Reforming public transport after the pandemic

ASLEF's response to the UK Parliament Transport Committee's call for evidence on reforms to public transport after the pandemic

Transport Scotland - Rolling Stock Specification

ASLEF is pleased to have the opportunity to respond to this stakeholder consultation on future rolling stock for Scotland. ASLEF has consistently